Hp pavilion dm1 have 8gb memory but shows 3.4 gb usable in windows 7 3


I have Hp Pavilion Dm1-4011 au notebook. I have installed 8 gb memory. In bios it show 8 gb memory and in windows 7 64bit it also shows 8 gb (7.6gb usable). But if i install windows 7 (32bit) then it shows 8gb (3.4gb usable)

Can anyone tell me what is this problem

The specification of notebook are as under
HP Pavilion dm1-4011 au
AMD Vision E-2 1.65g processor
8gb ram
500gb hard drive

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  1. 32bit windows 7 only uses 3.4gb

    why would you want 32bit anyway? if you have 8GB of memory 64bit will perform much better.
  2. Hes Right, But 64-Bit Will Run Slightly Better Even If You Dont Have More Than 3.5GB Of RAM, Basically What Im Saying Is, Unless Your Machine Is 32-Bit Only (And Thats Only Athlon XPs, Early Pentium 4s Or Other Older Chips You Should Run 64-Bit Regardless.
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