How do I put hardware on the desktop of my Acer Aspire notebook computer

how do you record a hardware on my Acer notebook
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  1. Might want to try that question again in a way that actually makes sense. Record a hardware?
  2. Windows Key + R -> Type "dxdiag" in the field without quotation marks -> Click OK -> If it asks you any questions, click No.

    Is that what you were after?
  3. Letme, let me

    hardware = hard disk drive

    And the answer: buy an USB external enclosure. For the notebook hard drive, you'll need the 2.5'' size. Something like this:
    Please note: I don't recommend this exact model, I just picked one for the sake of example. Search for "USB external enclosure".

    Also note that there are enclosures for SATA and IDE disk drives, so check first the type of your laptop's drive.
  4. i think maybe this person wants a shorcut for specific drive on the desktop, is that correct ?

    just drag n drop, but use the right click button, so you can confirm thats where you want it to be. too many people drag stuff to a black hole
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