Laptop HD's Swapping?`

I am currently swapping 2 HD's using my desktop's external drive bay. I am using Windows 98, 2nd Edit. This is an extremely useful arrangement for me, and I want to retain this capability when I purchase the laptop I am in the market for. I would very much appreciate advice re the following:

1. Can a notebook computer with a fixed drive bay ( I hope I am using the right terminology) be converted so that HD's can be swapped in the manner I now swap them in the desktop?

I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for a notebook with capabilities I will have no use for (I need one that will allow me to enhance and reproduce a multiltude of ancient family photos, and, also, to download music). I am thinking something in the order of the DEll 1100 or Dell 5100, but would be grateful to learn of other notebooks which might be better for the same ball park price.

2. If the above is not possible, could a computer which allows for swapping storage disks such as CD's be used to swap HD's?

3. Finally, if either one or two above is possible, would the desktop be able to accept both my Windows 98 OS and whatever OS comes with the computer?

I suppose this might not be the right place to ask such questions, but if anyone is inclined to help me, It will be much appreciated.

Thank you, Al Falfa
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  1. To my knowlege you need kits to do this on a desktop, hotswappable kit for 3.5" drives to fit in a 5.25" drive bay, correct. Now for laptops such as the Inspiron 8200
    you would need a Media Bay Kit for each drive you want to swap out. These would accept laptop harddrives.
    Now you have 3 setups:
    1) 1 semi-fixed drive
    2) 1 semi-fixed drive and 1 media bay drive
    3) 1 semi-fixed drive and 1 semi-fixed swappable drive
    [Only one drive can be in at a time in this configuration]

    4) 1 semi-fixed drive and 2 media bay drives
    5) 2 semi-fixed drives and 2 media bay drives
    [Only three drives can be used at one time]

    Does this help?

    And if interested look here, I posted some information reguarding how I could price my system. If you would be interested take a look here. Also check my profile for contact info if you are interested in buying.
  2. scottkli
    Thanks for your detailed and helpful response. I will check your pricing message. Regards
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