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Opinions on new games!

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September 6, 2002 2:49:27 AM

I've tried a few new games but none have me hooked:
C&C Renegade is OK but has a "childish interface" with lots of helpful reminders.
SOF2 has awesome killing effects but the storyline seems long and drawn out.
Nascar 2002's engine sounds have issues but the game is definetly more driveable than either 3 or 4.
Spiderman the Movie Game seems interesting but not enough to devote hours to.
I haven't had a chance to play Hitman 2 much yet so I'm undecided.

I am looking forward to NHL 2003 though. I tend to spend lots of time playing NHL 2002 (and 2001 before that). What do you guys think?????

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September 7, 2002 4:54:32 PM

Warcraft III, Dungeon Siege, Jedi Knight, Serious Sam 2, I don't know...keep trying. I'm more of a multiplayer person which always makes a game more fun so you might want to consider that.

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September 7, 2002 5:07:33 PM

I can't wait for Deus Ex 2. That game will kick ass (the first is my all time favorite along with Half Life). UT2003 sucks imo, it gets boring way fast.

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September 7, 2002 6:04:12 PM

Operation Flashpoint if you want good realism in a combat sim. Not a game though.....a sim. I've spent a few hours playing Mafia recently. Not too addictive, but somewhat difficult. It sorta makes ya wanna go back and complete missions failed. Im mostly a sim'er though.

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September 7, 2002 7:39:33 PM

I'm also looking forward to Deus EX 2's release. I played Deus Ex for the first time while in the Gulf. Unfortunetly I didn't quite finish the game before buddy took his computer off the boat and formatted the drive. I really don't want to start all over though so I'll wait for the next instalment in the game.

Always listen to experts. They'll tell you what can't be done, and why. Then do it.
September 9, 2002 12:54:45 AM

I cant wait until Counter Stike Condition Zero comes out. I am also waiting to purchase Neverwinter Nights, Jedi Outcast, SOF II, RTCW, and DooM III is definatly going to be considered when it is finally released. I do want a really good stragety game though, and I cant find one. I have looked at Civilization III it looks pretty sweet. I was somewhat dissapointed with WarCraft III, I hate the 90 Food cap or whatever it was. It makes multiplayer games kinda suck.
September 9, 2002 2:07:59 AM

Deus Ex is prolly my favorite FPS of all time. I also can't wait for DX2. Should be awesome.

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September 10, 2002 2:23:35 AM

So many good games coming out and so little money to spend on them.

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September 14, 2002 4:44:28 AM

Jedi Knight 2 Jedi Outcast is good. So is Alien versus Predator 2 with the Primal Hunt add-on. I also like the Warlords serieses - real time and turn based. IL-2 Sturmovik is cool, too.

September 14, 2002 1:21:40 PM

BF1942 will be top on my list followed by UT2003.


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September 14, 2002 9:00:03 PM

I think what the BF1942 engine can do is fantastic. I can’t wait to see what others do with it.


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September 17, 2002 7:51:46 PM


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September 18, 2002 2:19:00 AM

[quoteYou're spending money on games??????????? LOL Yeah, every once in a while I do too.[/quote]

*YAWN* :)  Hopefully, you are not advocating anything illegal. ;) 

Anyway, saw the mention of Spiderman: the Movie: the Game, and I would suggest that you rent it. It is definitely a fun game, and has some great replay value. Best of all, for you, someone who doesn't want to invest many hours into the game - it's short! I beat it in about 4 or 5 hours. :) 
September 18, 2002 3:55:34 AM

Since Sid Meyer's original Civilization, the only PC game that I've spent nearly all day and all night playing is Age of Empires II (Conquerors Expansion also available) from Ensamble Studios. It's WAY BETTER than any command & conquer game iv'e played. The next branch in the Age of Empires franchise is Age of Mythology. It will be available sometime in october. Be sure to check this one out. And don't limit yourself to just PC games. Get yourself a super nintendo emulator (I recommend ZSNES). This will enable you to play old super nintendo games (in the form of rom files) for free. I have a $2500 PC but I spend most of my time playing such titles as Final Fantasy II/III, NBA Jam and Tecmo Bowl. These games are pure fun and addictive. How come I can't find that many addictive games on the PC game market today? Screw graphics, make me a game I want to play!!!

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