Mac boot disk to PC

I'm going to try this again since i don't think I made any sense my last try.

A while back I made a LINUX CD-BOOT Disk. You can boot off this

disk using a IBM style PC (XP, Vista.... OS doesnt matter)

you had the option to boot into LIN&X MINT. Which made it just like

working with LINUX (good way to see if you wanted to take the time to

format your HD into a LINUX OS. And it was Totally like LINUX--You


MANAGER.... IT WAS a linux box, untill you re-booted, then it went

back to a PC, with your old OS on it. XP, Vista etc... ALL IN-TACK.

does that make sense?

I have tried to explain this on other posts only to be answered like I

had 3 heads.

I remember there being one (BOOT DISK) exacly the same except

that it was for a MAC--that pc made by Steve Jobs!
It did the same thing , you could boot into MAC, or just let it go to IBM

style PC.

I guesss it is a emulator. I can't find it now--the MAC one. Can anyone

help me on this, or tell me that I am not making any sense?
Really appreciate it
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  1. I know/understand what your're talking about with linux. I've done the same thing, only i booted from a usb. As far as mac goes, i doubt it.
  2. Interesting idea!

    You can have a VMware image of MAC made bootable, you could then alter this image to reside on your HDD and make yourself a x86 OSX machine.

    You might find this helpful, it's is a link to a page at OSX86project

    Might give it a whirl myself.
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