Synaptic Keypad & Mouse often do not work

I have Hp Pavilion dm1-4011au. i am using Windows 7 (64bit) OS. But often my keypad and mouse pad stops working during watching movies and other work. Only f2, f3 (Brightness buttons) and F10 (Wifi and Bluetooth button) work. No other button work. Then i press power button. Laptop goes to sleep. then i press the power button again, Laptop wake up and mouse pad and keypad buttons work fine. It happens often with me. someone told me that its due to AMD processor. When it goes hot then it send impulse to the system and keypad and mouse pad stops working. If it is true then it will create a lot of problem to me in summer. coz here is temperature 35-45 C in summer so it will hang up every minute. Is it true or not. and i checked all settings of Synaptic Keypad in control panel but did not succeed. Can any one tell me why it happens and how can i fix it

The specifications are as under

Hp Pavilion dm1-4011 au
AMD Vision E-2, E-450 Processor 1.65g
8gb Ram
500 gb hard drive

Please anyone solve my problem. Waiting

Thanks & Regards
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  1. HP line a lot of times had a button near the trackpad that disables it. Do you have one? Also, did Windows 7 come on the laptop or was it an upgrade you did? And finally, have you updated your drivers recently off HPs site or through the HP assistant or whatever it's called?
  2. Yes dear. I have a button near track pad but it is just to disable the Mouse pad. Windows 7 that i am using was not with the laptop. I upgraded it. I was using this windows on my Previous Laptop and it worked fine for 1 Year. All the drivers and bios versions are recently updated from HP Website. I contacted Hp Service Center Person in my Country Pakistan and he told me that we will check it, It may be the mother board fault... Lets see what happens. I will let him check after 2 to 4 days
  3. and Mr. Scottiemedic. I have checked that this problem occurs only when i insert a USB Device in USB Port (Like USB Flash Drive, USB Broadband or USB DVD Burner) Sometime this problem happens Once or twice a day and sometime it happens 9 - 12 times in an hour. So i am a lot of worried about it because i just purchased it 1.5 month ago
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