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Acer Laptop - Need advice

Unfortunately I was too late on the Dell XPS 17 deal from a few weeks ago for $750. But this deal has come up and I'm wondering if it will be just as good.

I need a laptop for mostly excel, word, and email. I like that it's 1600x900 res. I also play games like WoW and SWTOR. I don't care about high settings, as long as the low settings are smooth as butter. This laptop has a comparable CPU and RAM, it has a smaller HD which I'm happy about since I don't need the space. I'm also planning on putting in a 120GB SSD. I want to know if
1) I can easily swap out the standard HDD with the SSD (or add it as the primary and use the other as storage?)
2) if I can run those 2 games well at low to medium settings

I think it will handle it, and even with the SSD I want to swap in, the RAM, etc... I'm looking at <$720.]

What do you think?
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    Hello jkelley9;

    That's a pretty good deal. It covers 1 & 2 just fine.
    i5-2450M 2.5GHz CPU & Radeon HD 7670M graphics. $550.
    Has a 2nd HDD bay for that SSD.

    That CPU/GPU combo will run WoW on highest settings and a solid medium on SWTOR and might run on high with some tweaking.
    Radeon HD 7670M
  2. Acer Aspire 7750G Notebook
    The model is different, with different hardware.
    But the chassis is the same and it will give you an idea of the layout of the laptop.
  3. Alright, thanks for the advice and good links! :)

    I'll be pulling the trigger on this one tonight when I get home from work. I'd like to see if anyone has anything negative to include about this particular laptop, like reliability concerns, etc.
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  5. I ended up buying this model. I like it very much and I think it will do just fine! I'm very surprised what kind of hardware one can get with only $550!
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