Can we install xp on core i3 processor of lenovo laptop

Can we install xp on core i3 processor of lenovo laptop.
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  1. yes, you should be able to, if there are limitations, it is not because of the CPU, its because of the motherboard.

    download CPUz, and check the motherboard info, and check online to see if others have had any issues installing xp with that particular motherboard and setup
  2. And make sure there are XP drivers available for sound, LAN, WiFi, Video, everything, since you are putting an 'old' OS on a new system, there might not be support for something and you'll want to know before the install.
  3. As stated above, you need to go to Lenovo's site to find if they have any Windows XP drivers for your specific laptop. If the drivers do not exist, then you may find that certain things will not work.
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