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i have an acer 5733Z and the black screen says check cable and insert boot disk but i do not have a boot disk or know anything about a boot disk. pPlease help.
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  1. Is it still under warranty? Sounds like the hard drive is whacked.
  2. Just in case your BOOTMGR is corrupt you can try pressing f10 at startup and doing a full recovery or setting your bios to default. Scottie is most likely right and your hard drive is whacked.
  3. yep, ivan and scottie are correct. do you know what kind of hard drive is in the unit ?

    seagate and western digital both have free boot disks on their support websites you can download, and run diagnostics on your hard drive. if you dont know , just download the one from seagate, it will still help with non-seagate drives, and at least tell you what kind of drive you do have.

    here it is:
  4. In your case the 'boot disk' is your hard disk.

    Any chance the laptop got dropped recently?
    It's possible it could have shaken loose of it's internal connections (that 'check cable' advice).

    Also a dropped laptop could have caused a fault in the hard disk.
  5. Link ot download: Acer Aspire 5333, 5733, 5733Z Notebook Service Guide

    Look on page 3-11 to see how to check and re-seat the hard disk.
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