The laptop that doesn't exist

I'm writing this message on a Toshiba Satellite P200-1J9.

This model, according to Toshiba website, does not exist:
1. The serial number does not corrispond to any model
2. Autodetection says that "Cannot find the computer"
3. Manually selecting the laptop does not work as well, because under Satellite > P200 there's no 1J9.

Despite that, I'm now looking at a label, put under the computer, which clearly says Model: Satellite P200-1J9.

I'm, particulary interested in video driver, 'cause, considering that AMD drivers doesn't work, I'm looking for AOM ones.
Omega drivers does not work, too.

Where to find them?

EDIT: the video card is an ATI radeon HD2400, just in case someone asks.
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  1. Solved using Drivereasy, which is free in his trial version.
    It finds the correct driver and downloads it.
  2. What driver did it download for you?
  3. Don't know, it was just named "ATI driver" and I sold that laptop, so I can't check.
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    It's a model specifically sold in Italy so Toshiba of the USA won't recognise it as it's not one of their models. Here is a link to the specs:
    It would be helpful to know what the operating system is. It's possible that the graphics are embedded in the Intel chipset so perhaps you need the Intel chipset driver for the Intel Mobile Intel PM965 Express chipset:
  5. Thanks for best answer! Glad I could help! :D
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