Looking for laptop:Comp Engineering Undergrad next fall, Sims gamer

I am going to be a computer engineering student next fall.
I am also a devoted sims player and I love my movies. The memory is 500 GB but nothing too high since I have a 1 terabyte external hard drive.
I want it a Toshiba or maybe a Sony but nothing else since I've kinda tried them all and only these didnt utterly suck
A budget of $1500
I replace a laptop on average of every 2 years but I hope to buy something that will last abit more
Oh and I live in the middle east
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  1. Will you be isntalling CAD software, such as MATHCAD, AUTOCAD, CATIA, SOLID WORKS, or UNIGRAPHICS (NX)? If you will, you should look at an Intel based laptop that also has Workstation Graphics card.

    Will you be using MatLAB or any programming languages? If so, I have found that MATLAB in particular can consume lots of RAM. Getting a system that can support around 16 GB of RAM is not terribly difficult or expensive, particularly in your price range.

    If you are just going to do some casual gaming while on your off time, and don't plan on doing any hard core Engineering homework, consider getting an inexpensive AMD APU based system. A solid one can be had for under $1000 and the battery life is much more balanced.

    Does battery life matter for you?

    Also, at the $1500, with a Workstation GPU, you should be getting a professional laptop. Doesn't matter which brand. The work-brands for each manufacturer are much better than consumer grade Toshibas or Sonys.

    Lenovo Thinkpads are VERY durable. They have fairly good support too. Dell Business grade hardware is FAR superior to their consumer grade junk. Same goes for HP.
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