Is the 600m series worth waiting for?

I want a laptop that can game decently (I use a gts450 for my desktop something with this performance is ok)
Good battery life probably around 4 hours for like working,not gaming, but if it can do that too... :)

I was looking at laptops with a GT 555m, but the performance in gaming based on notebookcheck, don't seem too impressive...
Can't really afford a GTX 580m, was hoping new keplar series was going to push price down but I heard it may take 4-6 months....

I was looking for more options with the new Keplar series, but I hear its mostly a bunch of rebadges, and only the top end will actually be KEPLAR...(if I can't afford a 580m already not point right?)

Not sure about the info I'm reading - so question is: Is it worth waiting for Keplar, or should I just buy a laptop now?Quick Info:

Budget: ~1500,
15inch laptop,
screen resolution doesn't matter much I will use external moniter
SSD is nice, but not NEEDED storage doesn't matter much
I like Alienware! (looking at m14x),I can go with any brand really
Don't need optical drive
I live in US!
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  1. P.S Would it matter what CPU I get as long as its i5 or up(for gaming on the laptop)?
    I was looking at a laptop, uses i5 CPU and wasn't sure if upgrading to i7 was worth it
    Heard its really all about the GPU so Ivy Bridge is kinda pointless/irrelevant unless I'm going integrated graphics right?
  2. I'd wait if I were you, but it's a personal preference. Acer already has a laptop using a 600M series GPU on the market, so it can't be long for others to join in the mobile Kepler goodness.
  3. No, the 600m series (some GT 640m and all GPU above that) are not rebadge.

    MetabBox (rebadged Sager and Clevo) in Australia will come with the GT600m (from 650m to 675m) and 7000m (don't know which one but I suspect the lowest will be starting from 7870) and available by the end of April.

    They also come with IB.

    So I would say it is worth the wait.

    Just look at this, the GT 650m is about as fast as GTX 460m, an in 11 inch!!
  4. Augh sorry confused again, do most laptops feature Optimus I don't it advertised on the higher end cards until 580m from 555m?
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    660m and *down* are not rebadges. The 670m and 675m are both Fermi (GF114) rebadges. There very much is potential that the 660m, if overclocked and so on, could easily outpace the rebadges.... we just have to wait and see.
  6. Oh, yes, sorry. Correction, the GTX 670m and 675m are Fermi.

    That's disappointing.
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