Acer laptop restarts on boot up


I have an Acer 2410 laptop. When it boots up, it gets as far as the Window xp screen with the little blue progress bar - after a couple of minutes, the screen goes black, and then it re-boots.

How can i get it to boot properly?
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  1. Your hardware seems to be OK.
    You might need to repair or re-install your operating system.
  2. OK - Thanks.

    How do I do that?
  3. Do you have your Windows installation disks?
  4. No - the laptop came with it pre-loaded. I think it has a recovery(?) drive.
  5. Press F8 repeatedly right before XP boots and you'll get a boot menu. Choose "Disable automatic restart on system failure" and then hit enter a couple of times. If it shows a BSOD, post the STOP code here.
  6. Hi

    I have "disabled automatic restart on system failure" - there appears to be no change - the Acer splash screen comes up, then the Windows xp screen, and then, after several minutes, the screen goes black, and a minute or so later, the laptop re-boots.
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