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I had to buy another mobo so I put the computer back together. I think now I am having problems with the charger or dc jack but not sure. I have a universal ac adapter but unfortunatly for this model I don't have a plug to test. Anyway the symtoms are now when I plug it in and with the battery in I see the charger light but there is no power when I try to turn it on. I took the battery out and plugged it in and nothing. when I put the battery back in and it is plugged in I just see the charger light. Weird, any suggestions? Ive rebuilt a few computers so I think I did ok putting it together. This is a different laptop from my other thread.
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  1. Or maybe I got a bad mobo and need to return it? I plug in the ac adapter without the battery and nothing happens. I put back in the battery and plug it in I get the white light. Any good advice would be helpful. Thank You
  2. I think I found the problem, the ribbon was mostly detached from the power button media board. Now to find a way to repair it since I am limited in resources or just buy a board with the ribbon attached.
  3. if you have a friend or know of a local best buys that has a dc volt tester or another ac adaptor to test your laptop with. a lot of times the ac adaptor will not fully fail but the output will be to low to turn the laptop on.
  4. I have a volt meter and the ac adapter tested well along with the dc jack. thank you
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