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Building me a new comp.

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October 9, 2003 1:21:13 AM

Hello all, this is my first posting here and I just signed up, but I have kinda lurked for a bit. My question is as follows. My old "current" system (p3 550mhz, chaintech p3 mobo, 384mb PC133 Crucial Ram, Asus GeForce 256 32mb AGP, 12x10x32 TDK CD-R/W, 303R Pioneer DVD SCSI, 20gb 7200 WD HDD, 20gb 7200 Seagate HDD, ATX Midtower Case w/ Deer 250w PSU). So as you can tell that system has done me well for awhile, but just about any upgrade is more than needed. :-)

Here is what I am looking at purchasing:
AMD XP 2500+ Barton
Nforce 2 Mobo (Abit NF7-S, Asus A7N8X, Biostar M7NCD Pro, MSI K7N2-L) *Unsure*
512mb (2x256mb) PC3200 DDR (Corsair, Kingston) *Been reading good on both*
New Case w/ 400w PSU (At Least) *Another Undecided"

I am wanting a video card to compliment this system. It is a very midrange system at best and my budget is limited. So I would like to keep the price under $100, but if very hard pressed I might could go $150 *very iffy*. The games I traditionally play are MMORPG's (Evercrack, DAoC, *maybe FFXI or WoW in future*), but sometimes I get shanghai'ed into playing FPS (Quake 3, CS). Thanks for any opinions on this matter.

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a b U Graphics card
October 9, 2003 1:35:32 AM

Captain Obvious recommends the Ti4200! Available for around $80. A decent card for a limited budget!

<b><font color=red>Captain Obvious To The Rescue!!!</font color=red></b>
October 9, 2003 1:40:55 AM

The Cap'n almost always seems to reccomend the Obvious, as usual.

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October 9, 2003 1:44:28 AM

i don't like captain obivous~~~ i hate obivous things

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a b U Graphics card
October 9, 2003 2:50:49 AM

Captain Obvious says well that is obvious!

<b><font color=red>Captain Obvious To The Rescue!!!</font color=red></b>