Hp pavillion dv6-2040ev blinks 3 times

hi.i have Hp Dv6 pavillion 2040ev and when i push the power button blinks the led of power putton 3 times.Why may be happen this fuction??

resenlty my old motherboard has no power and i bought a new.
My old motherboard was this version DAUT1AMB6E0 REV E and i replace with this:

because the seller suggest this. When i put the new motherboard in my laptop it cannot boot up and turns on. Only the power led is on but nothing else happends. So i take out the bios battery and i put it back. So when i press the power button now the led blinks 3 times.

Is problem with my new motherboard because it is not the same version???My old is DEV E and the new is DEV D.
Please reply me soon to send the motherboard back and take my money back.
Thanks my friend.....
Pm.i don't speak very good english.i m sorry if i have any mistake.
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  1. thanks...i cannot understand the meaning of "module error not functional". i change all rams and nothing.the same problem again.
  2. Unfortunately that's all they suggest here under "Module error not functional":

    Do you know for sure that the memory modules are fine? Can test them one-by-one in another computer?)
  3. the memories works fine before turn of my laptop.i believe is the wrong motherboard with some other ddr mhz frequensy and this is the reason that blinks 3 times.Are you hear anything simillar about this???
  4. I think you're right!

    Check this out:

    It says it comes with 4GB memory, and it supports up to 8GB *DDR3*!

    Now check this:

    It says it supports *DDR2*!

    Do you have DDR3 or DDR2 memory modules?

    It seems that it's not possible to put a DDR3 memory module into a DDR2 slot, since they are physically different:
  5. ok.i test the ram in other laptop and works fine.also my rams is DDR2 the same with the seller but if blinks 3 times i believe is not the right version of motherboard.Do you believe this?Also the bios chip in my old motherboard is newer than my new acordind the letters which is printed on these...
  6. Quote:
    Higher-speedgrade DDR2 DIMMs are compatible with lower-speedgrade DDR2 DIMMs although the motherboard or CPU memory controller will be bound to the limits of the lower-performance modules.


    This tells me that there shouldn't be a problem because of the different frequencies, so maybe the motherboard (or something related to its memory slots) is faulty. But let's hope you'll get help from someone with more experience than I have.

    Yes, it seems like your old motherboard was a more modern edition. What was the problem with that, if you don't mind me asking? I searched around about common problems with HP Pavilion laptops, I could see that some have serious overheating issues. Sometimes they can be helped by "reflowing" the soldering inside the video card chip. (This is not the same model, but the guy seems to be very competent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnkQNmKauEc )
  7. my hp pavilion dv6 ac adapter jack led blink 3 times and my problem was from adapter power cable when replace cable the notebook start normally
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