i just spilled drink on my laptop#- stupid i know, i thought it was still working fine, yet the keyboard is now crazy. the ctrl +c button doesnt work- its takes me to another window rather than copying info. also if i type with the letter L or P or H it takes the writing the the next level or is like it is pressing enter at the same time.also if i press the number 1,7,9 it puts a hashtag infront of the letters, and if i press some other numbers it puts the numbers like 3 sentances above where the curser is.i pressed lotsa buttons when i was trying to dry the laptop-i didnt actually think much drink went onto the laptop or had a chance to get into it#- yet somethings obv happened, hoping its just that i have pressed a certian key which is making this happen- so would love someones help on this
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  1. If your computer still works after this... Most likely you did not damage the circuitry in your motherboard. The bad news is either you messed up the keyboard - or just have a bad case of "sticky keys". Take the lappy apart and wash - yes WASH the keyboard part like you would with a dirty dish. You need to get all the sticky sugar out of there. if there is sticky goo under the keyboard, wipe it off with a damp towel or rag. Make sure that your computer is unplugged when you do this, and the battery is removed as well.
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