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I'm looking for a new laptop that I can use for homework, browsing the internet and games. My price range is under 1200, I've been looking into alienware but with the m14x for what I want it costs almost 1300.

I would like the screen to be 14 - 17in and a i7 processor. For ram memory I would prefer 8gb or above but 6 gb would be okay as well. I want a mid-grade graphics card, something which I could play modern games on but it doesn't have to be on the highest setting in game, just not the least. I don't need a blu ray player but a cd player is a must. Screen resolution I wouldprefer to be good.

Other things that I don't mind is battery life - at least 2 hours. Webcam would be nice but not completly necessary. I don't mind if its loud or heats up or at least not dangerously so.

I don't know if I'm asking for something that I won't be able to get so please tell me if thats the case. Thanks for helping.
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  1. AlsoI posted this on accident, I said a few more things in the most recent one but some other things are I would prefer to not have a refurbished and weight doesnt matter. Also if you can't give a direct answer opinions and advice will help, thanks again
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