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New laptop in next week lease help under $1000

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April 2, 2012 10:00:35 AM

Hey guys
I live in Australia and am needing a new laptop sorry if I misspell anything I'm on my iPad, hope you can help!
I'm getting a new laptop within the next week or so and I am in desperate need of help!
The current one I got is a compaq cq62 and it's killing it'self pretty much. random freezes, massive overheating (causing it to run so slow as to not be able to render the Task Manager window properly without flickers and the mouse moves frame by frame, drives me nuts!) So I need a new one for school before the holidays end!
I'm pretty much trawling through the web as fast as I can to find the best fit.
I will be using it for school (MS Office Onenote in class), light gaming, developing in Unity + Blender and coding in Visual Studio/Eclipse.
I want this thing to last me at least 2 years and would need to have a fairly big battery life for school. Would love it to be at least 15" and as light as possible.

I don't need a desktop replacement as I'm getting a new desktop later on in the year (going to be at least 4 months) and once I get that, the laptop will be used for school and my intensive stuff will be saved for home on my desktop pc.

I know that the above might be a mouthful so I hope you can help me!


Need Laptop for school, with these in mind thanks :p :
-at least 15" screen
-light as possible
-long battery
-durable (least 2 years)
-good dedicated graphics (will be using unity/UDK, coding, light gaming, occasional video and image editing)
-not a desktop replacement as it will be used primarily for school and not etakign later on in the year.

I've never had a laptop reach 3 years (I've been incredibly unlucky and have always getten the dud ones that break after their warranty expires.) so hopeful this will be a good one!) :) 

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April 2, 2012 11:26:16 AM

My guess is you looking for something with an i7 quad core cpu, a gt525m graphics card or better with 1GB dedicated graphics and 4GB RAM or more. With this into consideration I would recommend looking on the Dell website in the Inspiron range of laptops and also the Lenovo website and in particular the Lenovo Y series as they can provide good cheap laptops with a punch.
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April 3, 2012 2:21:56 AM

contaminate said:
has everything the person above me stated and is well under 1000$. While you're customizing it, just switch the graphics card to the 7690M because it's much better and for only 25$ more.

That's awesome thankyou!! just what I've been looking for, the price is crazy! do you know if it ships to Australia?
April 3, 2012 8:59:26 AM

Farah1x said:
Your current laptop is killing you because it is celeron single core. Anything dualcore or more will solve you headache.
It doesn't have to be the highest/the most expensive one. Something like HP dv6-6c10us is way beyond your needs.

Thanks for the input and I see what you're saying but if I'm going to have this laptop for a while I want to get the best and be happy with it........unfortunately that means paying more but I'd be happy to do that if it's within my budget.

The laptop contaminate posted looks amazing however u don't know if it will ship to Australia and if it will have the compatible power supply plug.......

Any more help anyone?
April 4, 2012 2:17:43 AM

I purchased a ASUS X52 series (K52) laptop last year and have been very happy with it - purchased it for under $700 and then upgraded the memory to 8 megs. It only has an Intel i5 processor and I wish the resolution was higher than 1366x768 but it's a great laptop. I'm able to game (Skyrim, Left4Dead 2, Mass Effect) on it without any real issue (it has an older AMD HD 6370M graphics set). A few months later the K52 series of laptops was replaced by a K53 series which appears to have newer processors, better sound and a nicer case.

One of the nicer things about ASUS is they provide an additional year in their warranty - if you're not opposed to looking beyond the normal "name brands" you might want to take a look at the ASUS website. There are ASUS dealers in Australia so you might find something worthwhile.