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Looking for a gaming laptop that will play Rift /WoW on high settings. I have been looking at the Lenovo with the GT 555m and the HP with the AMD 7690M GPU. They are both similarly priced between 700-800 dollars. Can anyone make any recommendations on which will be better or any other suggestions.

Thanks Ed.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums ! :)
    7690M is slightly faster than 555M.So if the other specs are the same,go with the HP model.(within your price range,you can't find a laptop with a more powerful GPU,so your best choices are these 2 or similarly configured laptops from ASUS,Acer etc.)
  2. The 7690m >555m.
  3. Will AMD Quad-Core A6-3430MX processor be a good match for the 7690?
  4. Keep in mind Lenovo's GT555m is the slower version as well when looking at benchmarks.
  5. Right now I plan on going with the HP as it is cheaper and has the 1GB AMD Radeon(TM) HD 7690M GDDR5 Discrete Graphics(TM) [HDMI, VGA] I have only owned Intel CPU in the past so I was wondering how well the AMD Quad-Core A6-3420M Accelerated will pair with the GPU for gaming and if it would be worth upgrading the CPU. For 70 dollars more I would get AMD Quad-Core A8-3550MX Accelerated . Would it be a worthwhile difference?
  6. even if the Lenovo is slower it will last longer. HP laptops are cheap for a reason
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