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hey guys,
i'm not new to this.
i know how to enter bios on general pcs.(f8,f9,f10.....)
q:i instld win7 on my HP550 laptop.(2 gigs ram core 2 duo intel 965)
from then i cannot access bios(mostly the advanced part
managing fsb and ram voltages

this happens when these keys are pressed
f9 network controller
f10 opens bios(jst for changing time,managing hdd and seting boot priority)
del select operating system(win7 only since i hav only one instld)

do i need to press anything else to enter advanced bios coz its not mentioned anywhere

note: never got chance to enter bios when i had xp installed.
also f1,f2 doesnt work,they jst open pc info,date/time directly same with esc key(doesnt work)

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  2. Delete is the key you hit to enter bios.

    Usually F12 or something unlocks the advanced bios, but I doubt you can access those type of settings on a laptop.
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