xp and task manager,,,,,disapearing after 7 second

when using my friends brand new computer with xp loaded ,,,whenever you hit cntrl alt dlt,,,,task manager comes up ,,,and then goes poof and dissapears after 7 seconds some times less,,,,,there is a green box on the tool bar bottom right and if i hit cnt alt dellete a bunch of times i get a bunch of boxes but nothing on the screen,,,,then i move the arrow over to the boxes and as it touches the boxes they disapear,,,,,,,,,also happened when i was trying to load her mcaffe virus protection program it went through the instalation then poof disapeared no were to be found,,,,,,any one help us..
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  1. I had a virus hit my friends computer that disabled his anti-virus even after reinstalling it. When I went to run the program it said it wasnt there and it wasnt. Main prgram was gone. I know its a new computer but one bad trip on the net can ruin it. If it was store bought call them up and ask. If its self built (which I hope it is) you can try a reformat and reinstall as a last option. Other than the virus I'm out of ideas.
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