Laptop docks for consumer Windows laptops?

Are there many Windows (non-Apple) consumer-grade laptops out there with the ability to connect to some sort of laptop dock?

I plan on buying a new laptop that will become my primary machine and, when I'm working at my desk, I plan on having the machine hooked up to a mouse (USB), keyboard (USB), speakers (headphone jack), and monitor (HDMI).
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  1. There are many business-style laptops that have docks, and for those that don't there are USB 2.0/3.0 port replicators.
  2. What he said, and the only ones that do support docks you need to make sure when you buy them, even if you dont buy it with one at the time. Otherwise, you are limited to USB external (sit near the laptop) and they plug into the laptop USB ports. Not as good as traditional docks.
  3. So, basically, there are no docks out there except for those that hook into the bottom of business-like laptops? I have an Elitebook at work with a large dock port on the bottom.
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