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I am looking for a laptop that I can use to play minecraft without lag, but also need the laptop to do schoolwork, etc. What is a good graphics card and proccessor, and how much ram will I need?
Thanks (p.s, can the price only be around $450-$500, please?)
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    I run a minecraft server myself so i'm experienced with this.

    Any dedicated graphics (amd or nvidia) found on a modern system should be fine. One of the most important elements will be running 64 bit java.

    I have a 2-3 year old notebook athat never drops below 30 fps in minecraft. heres it's specs.

    core2duo 1.8 ghz
    4 gig's of DDR3
    nvidia GT320M with 1gig of dedicated graphcs memory.(low end)
    500gig hd, wireless n, 15.6 inch screen, Asus K50I low end business notebook

    cost? $600 Canadian. I know its not easy finding a suitable notebook with dedicated graphics for 500$ but i bet if you look hard you can find one (before taxes at least)

    plays minecraft full screen on Graphics : Fast, Render distance far, particles all never droping below 30, averaging about 45 FPS.

    I only use my notebook as a secondary computer, but I have spent many hours playing minecraft on it just fine, therefore I imagine ANY modern recent dedicated memory (doesn't share system memory) nvidia or amd gpu would be fine.

    EDIT : This is basically an modern updated version of the notebook I have spec wise :

    its selling for $724.99 canadian right now, which is expected because of the state the economy is in, if your willing to take a hit on your screen size , processor and ram, you can get a still decent one for 600$ :
  2. Ok I found a decent ones for $500 bucks canadian, look for this model elsewhere and see what you can find it for as does not carry this same model.

    The only downside looks like the crapware that comes installed, uninstall all the junk it came with other then windows and the necessary drivers / programs to make extra buttons work and you should be all set for 500 plus tax.
  3. cind3r69 said:
    One of the most important elements will be running 64 bit java.

    I installed 64 bit Java and the Minecraft graphics performance went from Unacceptable (slow rendering with lots of lag and noticably low FPS) to Good (as good as on the iPad=smooth).

    Thanks. Note: 64 bit Java may not work with your Internet Explorer Apps such as IE10, Chrome, etc. I did encounter that.
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