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  1. Probably the AMD Samsung.
    Samsung generally a better quality than Acer.
    The i3 acer has the HD2000 iGPU which is toward the Bottom end for gaming.
    Not Sure what iGPU the Samsung is using, but in most cases the AMD graphic will be better than the HD2000. Hard time reading the "details" for the samsung (ONLY speak and read English)

    I'm an INTEL guy, so had a Hard time recommending a AMD - But that's life LOL.
  2. and it's HD3000 graphic
  3. jeje, I stand corrected, they upped the iGPU to HD3000, Which is not so great for Gaming normally.

    For gaming you would want to look at the performance for the games you play. For example:

    If scroll down you will see a large number of games and how well the HD3000 does (didn't see your games listed, if your game depends more on cpu power then the iGPU would not be so important.). Did not see what iGPU was with the AMD system, but you could look up and plug that in to the site I used and do a comparision between the two.
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