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I'm right on the cusp of purchasing a Lenovo Y570 from Amazon:

It's right on the high end of my budget, but the specs combined with the price are very appealing. I mostly use my laptop to work from home (remoting into my workstation). I've got a good desktop for gaming, but when I occasionally travel I like to take them with me. This includes anything from old FPS games (Quake, etc) all the way up to modern games (Skyrim, Batman, etc) and even some PS2 emulation. Every indication seems to point that this machine can handle them.

I know it's really hard to predict how tech goes, but do you think this laptop will last? I'm replacing my ~4 year old Toshiba Satellite L305 so I'd like to get a similar lifespan out of it. Is this a reasonable expectation?

Edit: Of course I wasn't playing Skyrim or anything on my L305, but it could still chug along with things like WoW and Source games on low settings.
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  1. doubletaco said:
    Is this a reasonable expectation?
    I think it's reasonable.
    Y570 seems to be an excellent match to your workload and entertainment requirements.

    Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 review
  2. The Y570 is a good laptop it should handle the games you listed. Most games should be capable of running well with a mix of medium of high graphic settings.
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