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I am purchasing an HP DV6z Laptop with the dedicated 7690 GPU. Is it worth the 75 dollars to upgrade the APU from AMD Quad-Core A6-3420M Accelerated to AMD Quad-Core A8-3550MX Accelerated. The laptop will be for general use with some MMO gaming, mostly Rift and some WoW. Will the processor upgrade make a noticble difference in performance or should i stick with the A6. Thanks. Spidz.
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  1. Go for it. Higher Turbo could make a difference in places.

    The GPU on either the A8-3550MX or A6-3420M should perform similar in dual graphics -- they would both be designated 'HD 6775G2' with the 7690m (essentially a HD 6770M with a 100MHz clock bump).
  2. A8 its a great choice for a notebook. Im wondering when those notebooks will come to my country (Argentina).
  3. Imo, I think it's worth. I have dv6 with A8-3500M and only 6620G but it plays LOTRO really well got an average of 40-50 fps and goes to 60+ when I'm in quest mode, ofcourse I let lotro engine to dectect the settings.

    I find the CPU ok, but you need to adjust it in AMD control panel to work constantly in 1.5 ghz otherwise it will downclock it to 800mhz to save power but it will increase it when there's a demand for cpu power. I like it when is running constant 1.5 ghz no noticeable lag. I find also the CPU power helps a lot with browser games like the new C&C Tiberium Alliances.

    CPU will also goes to 2.4ghz when it really need. The downside of this is you lose lot of battery life average 2-3hrs of gaming maybe less.. with CPU set to 800mhz you have like close to 6 hrs but thats only for surfing web. The good thing is you can overclock this take a look http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30zTM11hg7A.

    I compared it with my friends I5 480M laptop and I find it no diff in CPU power for regular use.. But for gaming A8 Laptop really shines, No complain here... Just don't expect crazy game setting and you will not be disappointed.

    You can also wait for the new AMD APU version Trinity.

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