M17x r3 suitable?

I am planning to buy an alienware m17x as my second pc (first one is a desktop maxed out) which ill be using to play when i go away from home or for university and programs such word, powerpoint etc. I chose this laptop because i think(despite what other people think) it is pretty cheap in comparison to some other gaming laptops such as MSI or Sager who are worth more. I am also looking at some battery life and i heard that this laptop can handle 4 hours of use(not gaming).
Heres my m17x customization
Processor : 17 2670 2.20 ghz
Graphics: Nvidia ge force 560m
RAM: 4 gb atm, ill buy more later from a different customer than dell
Hard Disk: Hybridm SSHD Momentus 500 GB
Screen Full HD non 3d(that would be a waste of battery life)
Intel Wireless LAN 6300 3x3 (802.11a/b/g/n), (I heard Killer wireless causes BSOD)

And thats what i could customize. I just wanted to know what do you guys think of all this. Is this laptop right for me?
Again i will use it for gaming when im away and for university. I also dont think its excessively big and heavy. What do you guys think?

Ps forgot to say that this customization is worth 1368.66 EURO. I m ordering it from hidevolution.com, so + taxes it would be 1500 euro
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  1. Hello insanenos;

    We usually see the Sager/Clevo boutique builders offering GTX 560M equipped notebooks for less than the Dell Alienware 17x r3. Prices could be different in your area though.

    You know that GTX 560M laptop graphics card is roughly equal to a desktop GeForce GTS 450? Is that about right for what you want?
  2. What sager/clevo laptops are you exactly talking about?
    Yea i know that the 560 isnt so good, but on the other hand the GTX580 is way too expensive since I will use this laptop occasionally. And the ATI cards, well they use more battery life than nvidia...
  3. insanenos said:
    What sager/clevo laptops are you exactly talking about?
    The ones you were talking about above:
    it is pretty cheap in comparison to some other gaming laptops such as MSI or Sager who are worth more

    DELL Alienware M17x R3 $1600
    MSI GT780DXR $1450
    ASUS G74SX-XR1 $1355
    Sager NP8151 $1280
  4. The asus one is the ugliest laptop ive ever seen... Do you know if Xoticpc delivers to Europe? Those laptops you pointed out are indeed cheaper, but alienware is better in design. I think the MSi with orange lights only are at its level.
  5. XoticPC will accept an international wire transfer and ship outside the US.
    One of the nice things about the boutique builders is you can talk directly to the management.

    Or you can check for something closer to home.
    Clevo Resellers in the European Union
  6. Resellers in italy are very bad :(
    Are you sure xoticpc can transfer outisde US?
    Edit: just got a confirm from them.
    Do you know any european alienware resellers?
  7. Sure. But don't take my word for it - talk with them directly.
    Email is listed on the website or you can post in XoticPC fourms http://www.xoticpcforums.com/
  8. Thanks a lot for your help/time :)
    1 more thing
    Do you know any european alienware resellers?
    I want to compare a bit more the prices
  9. I don't know of any. See if the Dell Italy website gives you any clues on that.
  10. They are THIEVES. They sell base m17x r3 for 1500 EURO, same price in dollars in USA. (I mean in US it costs 1500$).
    Anyway thanks for your help
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