Looking tom compile a list of some good documentaries. Netflix and Hulu both have a great lineup of docs. Looking for some suggestions.
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  1. check out The Tillman Story
    watched it recently and it was pretty interesting
    so was The Wildest Dream, Conquest of Everest
  2. I saw the Tillman story and really liked it.

    If you like war docs I can not recommend Restrepo enough. This is a must see documentary.
  3. Watched Conan Obrian cant be stopped last night. Definitely worth a see if you like Conan, he is a mad man behind the curtains.
  4. BBC natural history 'Life' series presented by David Attenborough. Must watch for biology/ecology/conservation scientist, students and hobbyist:
  5. If any of you have Netflix (quickster?) you have to watch the documentary / miniseries Baker Boys.

    This is one of the best "War" documentaries I have ever seen. Well this and restrepo.

    It follows a war reporter embedded with infantry in the 2008 surge. The soldiers tell you exactly what is going on what they think about their roles in Iraq, How they feel about their duties.

    Most mind blowing for me was how they pay off tribal leaders. Watch it mind blowing for anyone who wants to know what the hell is going on.
  6. Go to for tons of great free docu's.
  7. I like documentaries..
  8. What categories? War, nature, science, music, biography, etc. "Hitler's Bodyguards" was very good series.
  9. I watched two good ones this weekend

    Rape of Europa - A doc about Hitlers fascination with art. I knew he was a failed artist, but his love of artwork actually affected his invasion plans. He would hand out lists of artwork he wanted his soldiers to steal.

    Loose change 9/11 - A controversial 9/11 documentary. Very interesting coincidences happened that day.......
  10. Broad Street Bullies if you like hockey.
    Food Inc. if you want to never eat fast food again.
    Iron Maiden Flight 666 because it's Iron Maiden
    Religulous, Zeitgeist, Restrepo, Mugabi and the White African, Love the beast, and of course The Corporation are necessities with a documenary collection.
    If you can count series as docs as well the Ross Kemp on gangs amd the Long Way Round are really good.
  11. Food Matters is a pretty good documentary. I just watched another on youtube the other day called Documentary on how the media lies to manipulate us. I enjoyed that one quite a bit.
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