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Trying to use raid on a GA-8KNXP Motherboard setup during windows setup, but keep running into trouble, here is a copy of info I have sent toGigabyte support, maybe some here can help?????
Hi Chris, managed to extract the files using WinRAR, but now have another problem, when I go through the setup and press F6 for additional devices, and then press S for the driver I wanted loaded I get the following error:


I am trying to setup up Windows XP Pro again. I want setup the new 120gig drive during windows setup, not after the windows has been installed, as I have to do now. I have 2 Hardisks (100gig & 120gig) on the standard IDE primary. I have a CD Burner and DVD player on the secondary IDE.

On the Standard IDE RAID I have a ***120gig*** on the Primary and an 80Gig on the secondary, All drives are Western Digital. I have the RAID setup as ATA in the BIOS.

I am running PC3200 Ram (512MB), your GA8KNXP Motherboard, 128MB Video card, Firewire card, Hercules Game Theatre XP Sound system,
The case is running a 400w Power Supply.

PS ***120*** is the drive I want to setup during windows installation not after as I have had to do at the moment

the setup is
Primary IDE cable Pos 1. 100g Hd
Primary IDE cable Pos 2. 120g Hd
Secondary IDE cable pos 1. CD Burner
Secondary IDE cable pos 2. DVD Player
Third IDE Cable Pos 1. 120g Hd - This the drive I need to setup thru windows XP Pro setup, NOT after
Fourth IDE Cable pos 1.80g Hd
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  1. Sorry that my English reading is poor. If I understand you correctly, you're not setting up any raid array, but just 2 separate ATA HD's each on IDE3 and IDE4, right? Also you want to install WinXP Pro on the 120G HD on IDE3?

    Now, at the very beginning you mentioned you went thru' the setup and press F6 for additional devices and you got some error in D: drive (which I assume is the optical drive where you loaded the WinXP Pro installation CD).

    The problem is, if you boot off the installation CD, you shouldn't use the same CD for installing the drivers for additional devices. Instead you should put the drivers on a floppy disk (A: drive) for the above step.
  2. Man, i've got the same problem and its really pissing me off, but i got a little farther. I find txtsetup.oem and put it on a floppy disk, then it needed fasttrak.sys, and i put that in there too under a folder called \winxp\, but now it says fasttrak.sys is causing an unexpected error. If you get any help please tell me.
  3. I'm not really sure whats going wrong with that.
    However, one bit of advice that i have for you is to not have both harddisks on the same IDE channel - it wont give you errors or anything, but it will slow down. I recommend the following setup

    IDE Channel 1 Pos 1 Master: 120gb harddrive
    IDE Channel 1 Pos 2 Slave: DVD
    IDE Channel 2 Pos 1 Master: 100gb hardrive
    IDE Channel 2 Pos 2 Slave: CD

    If you are using CSEL (cable select) insted of setting master/slave, that could make you run into problems. Try putting the jumpers on master/slave insted, maybe itll fix something.
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