Looking for acceptable Gaming laptop

Ive read through multiple threads, reviews and sights, all looking for the optimal gaming laptop.
OF COURSE, that is a huge category, so many computers, models, accesories, ect. I need good reviews from honest users, and gamers about;
wifi abilities,
load speed,

and a 15-17 inch screen.

of course there is a load of other things that pertain to a computer, such as word, internet browsing,video streaming, and also a built in webcam :p

everything a Gamer(you) would/or have in your own gaming laptop. My price range varies from 1000-1800, and i play games like
League of Legends
World of Warcraft
and other MMO's

the only thing i know i need for sure, are some good Fps XD

I dont think the demands for mmos are very high, but i also enjoy Rts games, like starcraft, and warcraft.
And this is my first computer purchase, so i dont want to waste my time and money, on a computer that i couldnt use for everyday life also.

I think that i need straight computer brands, and model names, im not very educated in the ways of computers, thankyou very very much,
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  1. There are the 'full on' gaming notebooks like:
    ASUS G74SX / MSI GT683 / Toshiba Qosmio X775

    And a lot of options from the custom boutique builder shops like XoticPC

    When do you plan on getting your new notebook? Some 'new tech' due out shortly.
    AMD and Intel both have new CPUs showing up in the next few months.
    And AMD and Nvidia have new GPUs joining them.
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  3. Gaming and Laptop aren't exactly very friendly when it comes to day to day use. If I were selecting a gaming laptop for myself, I would probably look at ASUS, Alienware & OriginPC.

    ASUS is the best economy pick for a gaming laptop - they have plenty of models and configurations for you to choose based on your needs and budget and they don't skimp on graphics processors. If I were picking, I would go with the G35SX:


    Alienware is another one who seems to try to push the envelope of what will fit in a laptop chassis. Because they're owned by Dell, you can expect customization options galore and can spec it for your budget. I would check out the different size variants and spec out their CPU/GPU combinations. If I were picking an Alienware, I would pick the M14x:


    Origin seems to be the only one putting Desktop-grade parts in a laptop - they're definitely not for the faint of heart because their prices aren't what anyone would call cheap but if you really want the best and don't want to take the time to build it yourself, they're where it's at. For looks, they're usually pretty clean and the paint options are pretty vast. If I were picking an Origin, I would pick the Eon15:

    Regardless of which vendor you choose, I would spec out the minimal hard drive and RAM, buy the parts from somewhere else and install them yourself. It will save you hundreds of dollars to go that route and once you figure out how to open the case, it will be incredibly simple.

    I too would wait a month or two until Ivybridge i7s trickle down into Origin's laptop builds or until they have a laptop variant available for other vendors.
  4. All laptops suck in performance because of heat/size limits.
    Unless of course you have ALOT of money to spend.
  5. I have a GT683DX-840US myself and I love it. The GTX570m is no joke and it runs fine.
  6. Max1s said:
    All laptops suck in performance because of heat/size limits.
    Unless of course you have ALOT of money to spend.

    I bought an Alienware m17x as a mobile backup for gaming and a virtualization lab. I found that it is actually a VERY good main gaming machine. I use it daily, instead of my desktop. Just easier to do everything in one place and the difference in gaming experience is negligible. Current laptop build for approx. $1600.00 USD (iirc, with sale and disounts at time of purchase):

    Alienware m17x
    Intel Core i7-2720QM
    AMD Radeon HD 6970M Series w/ 2Gb
    Samsung 810 SSD - 256Gb
    16Gb RAM (8 from Dell, added 8 more)
    750Gb WD Black (added after purchase)

    I find the gaming experience to be more than adequate. If you would benefit from the portability of a laptop then there are VERY viable options (as some have already mentioned) that run current games fluidly with high or better settings. I am definitely happy that I spent the money on it. I get more use out of it than my nearly as expensive desktop setup which runs now primarily as a server for virtual machines. I get more return on investment with the laptop since I use it more. The desktop (total cost of ownership/return on investment) is actually going end up costing more since they cost about the same and I use the desktop much less.

    The complaints about laptops being poor gaming platforms are no longer valid with more recent video cards. Mine has a 6970m (slightly underclocked 6850) and runs everything I play (MMOs, ME3, Skyrim, etc) @ 1080p with no perceptible loss of framerates while simultaneously powering a second monitoring. If I use a framerate counter would I see fewer FPS on the laptop, sure. But the visually perceived difference is not there, which is the key. I am not enjoying a large FPS number, I am enjoying the smooth and fluid gameplay, which definitely exists. Ergo, laptops can make very good gaming platforms. Probably why companies are making buttloads with gaming targeted laptop models! :D
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