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hello all,

this is my first post and first time ever looking at this message board. i read Toms Hardware every day but i've never looked at this post.

i'm in need of help and can't think of a better place to look.

i built a beautiful machine that has an AGP slot but the case is low-profile/half-height.

i am looking for an AGP gaming video card with a DVI port to use in this machine instead of the integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2 chips.

i see that there is an ATI 9200 low profile option with 128MB and DVI but i was wondering what other options might be out there available to me from other manufacturers or even from ATI that i'm not aware of.

the higher-end the card the better.

money limit is probably $300.

any suggestions would be appreciated.

thanks in advance.

George Ajazi
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  1. Can't low profile cases take full-sized PCI and AGP cards?

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  2. no.

    they are not tall enough.
  3. The only one I can think of is the powercolor Radeon 9200SE
    CP ATI RDN9200SE LP-READY 128M, DDR, AGP, DVI, TV-OUT, about 75$Can.
    good luck.

    <A HREF="http://www.powercolor.com.tw/page2/productlist.asp?page=3&prodid=17&id=1&sn=17&temp1=3" target="_new">http://www.powercolor.com.tw/page2/productlist.asp?page=3&prodid=17&id=1&sn=17&temp1=3</A>

    Just saw that, they have the 9600 as well!!!
    Dunno the price...
    <A HREF="http://www.powercolor.com.tw/page2/productlist.asp?page=2&prodid=13&id=1&sn=13&temp1=2" target="_new">http://www.powercolor.com.tw/page2/productlist.asp?page=2&prodid=13&id=1&sn=13&temp1=2</A>

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  4. hmmmm...

    yes, i was aware of the 9200's in half height from ATI and from Powercolor.

    but i was NOT aware of the 9600. that's promising.

    does anyone know if Powercolor is a decent manufacturer?

    newegg has the 9600 offering for $122US.
  5. Powercolor is so-so, they're not the best out there but not the wrost.

    Look around to see if Sapphyre got one, then you'll have a great deal, Sapphyre are the ones that does the retail card for ATI, so ATI and Sapphyre = exactly the same cards.Here in Canada Sapphyre doesn't have a LP card but I think they do in the US.

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  6. just checked.

    sapphire does not offer a low-profile solution.

    : (

    i can get a 9200SE for like $50+ US.

    and a 9600 for $122.

    big difference in price but i think the 9600 would be much better in the long run.
  7. I suggest you go to newegg.com and look at all their video cards (easier if you use summary view). They sell many half-height cards with full-height brackets. You would need to shorten your own bracket for those cards, but you might find something you like that way.

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