Need inputs on finalizing laptop (Purchasing tomorrow)

Hello guys...

Planning to purchase a laptop for myself tomorrow.
So i understand its kinda late but the decision just popped up.

My requirements:
1) IBM RAD, Eclipse etc
2) Few gaming sessions. Prefer games like Batman AC.

A) Now the laptop i zeroed in on is Dell XPS 15, with Nvidia GT540. Getting this laptop in 2 flavors:
1) 4GB DDR3
2) 6GB DDR3

Which one should i go for ..?
I am not head over heels for out and out performance (i understand that the GT540 is not a very high end gfx card..) but some decent graphics for Batman AC.

B) XPS 15 is also available with 4GB DDR3 and GT 525 1GB gfx card.
How good is this gfx card for my gaming needs ?
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  1. Hello trackblazer;

    These reviews will give you an idea of the relative gaming performance between the two GPUs:

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M review
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M review
  2. There aren't a lot of laptop graphic benchmarks available for Batman: Arkham City.
    But I did find one for the GT 630M graphics card which is the same GPU as the GT 540M

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M review ~60fps on Medium graphics settings with Core i5 2430M CPU.
  3. ^ Err thanks for the quick response WR2..
    but i am afraid i am quite a noob with my gfx cards knowledge. Although i ll try my best to extract as much info as possible from the links.. but what i really need is a dumbed down advice in black and white that which is the best thing to go ahead with.
  4. GT 540M should get you a good gaming experience on medium graphics settings.

  5. My laptop runs a GT 540M and I am quite happy with it.
  6. Buy the cheaper RAM config, purchase 8 GB DDR3 laptop ram kit and install it yourself for cheaper.

    XPS15 isn't a bad rig, a little on the chunky side but if you were to try the 15z you will lose GPU options. Based on what you want, it's not a bad buy.

    ASUS doesn't necessarily give you full customization options but if you're already looking at a chunkier system, this might be worth a look:
  7. ^ Yeah, that one is quite popular as well.. but i somehow think dell is going to serve me more nicely.

    And the idea of purchasing cheaper RAM in favor of an upgrade on my own whims and better pricing seems to have been echoed by you as well. Kinda satisfied after your opinion.

    Thanks for your input. Puts the butterflies in my belly to rest. :)

    What sort of Gfx card/laptop will get me good results on maxed out settings?
    Just want to put the final nail in the coffin by looking at the pricing of the rigs cuz i know they ll be just out of my reach budgetwise as well as logic wise :P
  8. GeForce GT 555M / GT 635M or Radeon HD 6770M / 7690M are the next step up and don't quite have the GPU power to run Batman:AC maxed out.

    You'd have to step up to GTX 560M / GT 650M* or an equivalent AMD graphics card reach that goal for Batman:AC.
  9. 1) How does AMD Radeon HD 6470M 1GB perform guys..?
    A decent config just been suggested and with a very decent price cut.

    i5 + 4GB DDR3 RAM + AMD Radeon HD 6470M + 640GB HDD @ 5400 is the config.

    2) I have been following

    Surprisingly GT540 1GB is not too far away from its 2GB variation.
    How much does the performance goes down ..?
  10. Performance is quite a bit lower.
    HD 6470 is roughly equal with the GT 520M
    GT 540M is roughly equal with the HD 6650M.
    The amount of VRAM (1GB vs 2GB) really doesn't make a difference.
  11. Comparing 6470M and GT 540M, the GT 540M is getting 35% better frame rates in Crysis2 and about 70% better frame rates in SC2
  12. okay..
    and how good is the idea of trying to replace the AMD radeon card in the machine ?
  13. Not so much. It's not like changing out desktop graphics card.
  14. No i mean is it possible ?
    Cuz my friend has been gunning for my head on that idea only.. that we gonna change the card sometime later..

    Machine with AMD card is hp g6 1201tx
  15. HD 6470 is the top graphics card offered in the HP G6 entry level (budget) notebook.
    That almost certainly means it's not user replaceable, soldered to the motherboard.

    If people don't buy the graphics card they need in the first place, we usually recommend selling that laptop and buying a new one with the right graphics card.
  16. If someone would order a HP G6 notebook with standard HD 3000 Graphics I don't believe they'd be able to upgrade to the HD 6470 that comes as an option in that same model.
  17. 1) The laptop already is coming with the AMD gpu 1GB.. DDR5
    I got the gist that the AMD gpu wont hold out in front of the Dell's GT 540... but will DDR5 be making a significant difference in front of GT 540 2GB?

    2) how are asus laptops regarding quality and durability ?
    more specifically
    Asus K53SV-SX521D
  18. 1). VRAM; 1GB vs 2GB, DDR3 vs DDR5, really doesn't make a significant difference @ 1366x768 resolution in low~mid range graphics cards.
    None of that can change the bus width, Core/Shader speed, Pipelines, ROP or Texture units which is what really determines performance.
    HD 6470M is 64bit bus, GT 540M has 128bit bus.

    2). Roughly equal or slightly better with any other laptop in the same price range. It's a preferred brand.

    Asus K53SV-SX131V Notebook review it's not an exact feature match but the chassis and overall features should be close.
  19. Quote:
    VRAM; 1GB vs 2GB, DDR3 vs DDR5, really doesn't make a significant difference @ 1366x768 resolution in low~mid range graphics cards.
    None of that can change the bus width, Core/Shader speed, Pipelines, ROP or Texture units which is what really determines performance.
    HD 6470M is 64bit bus, GT 540M has 128bit bus.

    That's something very useful, thanks.

    1) The only hurdle which remains is that for the very pricing of Dell XPS 15 (i5/4GB DDR3/GT 540 2GB), i have an offer of HP Pavilion DV6 Series DV6-6121TX (i7 2630QM/4GB DDR3/AMD Radeon HD 6770M 2GB DDR 5)

    Seems to be a better config and better deal ?

    2) Another HP Vs HP query which ll follow after above's answer :)
  20. 1) For budget reasons, a Core i5 CPU is usually plenty of power for a mid-range notebook graphics card.
    For a gaming notebook - always get the best GPU you can.
  21. AMD Radeon HD 6770M review
    HD 6770M is roughly equal to GeForce GT 555M.
  22. Ok guys..
    seems like i am gonna finalize my choice soon now. Many thanks for the inputs..
    Now for the home stretch..

    I was fine with finalizing DV6 6121 when i was told it has been discontinued.
    Then came the option of DV6 7012 (i5 2450M/6GB DDR3/) which has NVIDIA GeForce 630M 2GB.. which seemed a good deal better than the GT540 2GB.

    1) Do HP machines run hotter ? Esp the ones mentioned above..?
    If i have to use the machine with the laptop cooler.. i dont know if i ll prefer that.

    2) How is the temp of Dell XPS 15 ? Do i need a laptop cooler along with it ?

    3) Which one do you guys prefer between the two..
    Dell XPS 15 (i5 2450M/4GB DDR3/GT540 2GB) Vs
    HP DV6 7012 (i5 2450M/6GB DDR3/Nvidia 630M 2GB)

    XPS is about 10% expensive than the 7012. None of the laptops have Full HD screens as an option, so i ll have to be satisfied with WLED type displays.

    4) @WR2
    You did mentioned that one should get as better a GPU as possible.. but till what limit should this logic be followed..? i mean if the machine is not coming up with a decent screen which ll display the effects.. then is it still justified to get better card still?
  23. guys ...??
  24. Don't buy an HP laptop
  25. ^^ err.. reason ?
  26. 25% failure rate should be reason enough. I've seen too many with keys falling off, mobo's dying, screens stop working, hard drives dying. Just don't buy an HP laptop. Buy a lenovo, Asus, Dell...anything but HP.
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