Best laptop cooler around 20-25$?

I want something that will aid in keeping my laptop cooler as I intend to overclock the gpu some to aid in gaming performance. Would switching to an SSD make a decent difference keeping it cooler?

I found these coolers

I could careless about how it looks. I just want it to be as effective as possible
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  1. rolltide101x said:
    Would switching to an SSD make a decent difference keeping it cooler?
    Not really. Laptop HDDs run pretty cool.
  2. I favor the NotePal X2 over the Notepal U2.
    Keep in mind, depending on the cooling configuration of the laptop you chose you might need to flip the fan over.
  3. Any particular reason you prefer the X2 over the U2? If it keeps it cooler it is well worth the extra 6$ to me
  4. Have you picked a specific notebook yet? Being able to look that over might change my mind.

    2nd generation Intel Core i7-2670QM Processor( 2.2 GHz 1333 MHz 6 MB)
    8.0GB PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM 1333 MHz
    AMD Radeon HD 7690 1GB
    750GB 5400 (upgrading to SSD or 7200 rpm)
  6. I can't find an image of the underside of the Y470P but it's clear from the other photos the main exhaust is on the left side of the laptop.
    I'm still leaning toward the X2.
    Lenovo IdeaPad Y470p Review

    Y470 notebook bottom view.

  7. Or maybe the U2 with an upgraded 120mm fan.
    I just don't think a 2nd fan will match up with the intake options on that type of laptop.
  8. How long have you used the X2 some people are saying they go out after 4-6 weeks or so (But the majority love it)
  9. I use a laptop desk, not a cooling pad. No fans, just good ventilation.
    Both the U2 and X2 have customer reports of early failures. Not clear if one is more reliable than the other.
  10. So as a final recommendation you think the X2 would provide superior cooling?
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    I think cooling performance should be about equal, to be honest.
  12. Thanks alot. You have been very helpful!
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