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Hello, plz can you help me i switch the netbook on and it says no bootable device insert boot disk and press any key, i dont understand as there is no disk drive
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  1. Has the netbook previously worked?
  2. sounds like your hard drive has died/cord come loose or something possibly the mrs has one of them unfortunately you need a external usb dvd rom
  3. The 'disk drive' would be your hard disk drive. There is a problem there it seems.
    It could be damaged, or the operating system could be messed up, or as jasont78 mentions the HDD might have come loose from it's connector.
  4. A couple things you can do.
    Get an external USB adapter for 2.5" HDD and put the hard disk in that.
    You can attach it another PC or Laptop by USB port and rescue any data or personal files off the hard disk - as long as the hard disk is working.
  5. You can create a bootable RescueCD - but on a USB thumb drive.
    You boot off the USB thumb drive and if the hard disk is still useable you can navigate and find your files on the HDD.

    One example: Ubuntu Desktop. Had pretty clear and easy to follow for USB stick version

    It's not Windows, but has a folder based file manager like system that just enough like Windows for most people to use.

    When you power on the 'Netbook use the F12 key to get an option to bootup the USB stick.
  6. "Win to Flash" program makes bootable USB
  7. So does PenDriveLinux suggested in the Ubuntu install guide
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