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Best laptop design

What is the best-looking laptop in your opinion, except the alienware series?
This would help me choose a laptop to buy.
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  1. I do not like apple computers but i do like their designs, but for pc's i like asus laptops
  2. If you are choosing a laptop off looks you are going about it entirely and completely wrong. Budget? Usage? Needed performance?
  3. I like my Dell Inspirion. It's all black, and simple. Then again, as unksol said, looks should be the last thing to worry about.
  4. My friend has this and even though it doesn't have a lot of firepower and gets rather hot, it looks pretty good imo
  5. I personally think the ASUS G73-74 are horrible. I was thinking more about backlit colour keyboard or something like that. That lenovo is cool too.
    Unksol, Im choosing my laptop considering ALSO design, not only that. For a start i wanted to know what were the best looking notebooks.
    No one mentioned the MSI series.
  6. I like MSI's gaming series. They look pretty sharp with their multi-coloured backlit keyboards"
  7. Any other ideas?
  8. It hardly matters. Just use a laptop sticker on the monitor lid to cover ugly design.


    On the other hand, what's "good looking" inside is important.
  9. Hi :)

    Acer Ferrari...

    All the best Brett :)
  10. Also, ASUS has a Lamborghini laptop of some sort. I played with both in a shop for a bit a few months back. They are IMO looks better than Sager/Clevo/Metabox, but not the best in terms of money to performance ratio (especially the Lamborghini, its a total rip off and yelling big time that you are compensating for something inadequate).
  11. I guess it's all a matter of what you think looks good and what you're going to be using the laptop for.

    I am a fan of OriginPC.They don't look gaudy or overly utilitarian, just plain clean. I also really like the look of the Dell Z series - clean lines, thin design that doesn't feel scrunched. The Aluminum is a nice touch as well to me
  12. Yea well i was thinking about a laptop like the Alienware M17X. Its design is amazing. I Want to boast with my friends lol with a nice laptop, not a rubbish. Also in class for example i want people to say: Wow, nice laptop you have over there. :D
    Thanks to all the guys who till now have answered :)
    Feel free to give more ideas, because i think the alienware is very cool but quite expensive, so Im leaving it as my last choice
  13. You can buy a fancy smancy looking laptop from WidowPC, Falcon Northwest, etc but for a $1,000 cheaper you can buy the same danged thing w/o the fancy paint job from any Clevo distributor. Pre-Dell, Clevo also made Alienware laptops. Personally, I'd rather the $1k than the bragging rights about how cool it looks....I'm really only interested in what it does.
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    Hi :)

    Easy answer for bragging rights...

    Take your lappy to an airbrush artist (the guys who do the fantastic painting on cars and motorcycles)

    Get them to design and paint something for you.....

    All the best Brett :)
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