Problem with Gainward GeForce FX5600 Ultra 128MB

I recently bought the Gainward FX Powerpack Ultra/760XP 'Golden Sample' as reviewed on this site.

Thing is i've been quite disappointed by the performance - which isn't even close to the performance that THG got. I've even gone so far as to format my HDD and reinstall and try running with a bare minimum system, but still its disappointing. For example i'm playing UT2003 at 1024x768x32 with detail on high and getting 30ish fps - i could get that at times with my old Radeon 8500LE. more worrying tho is the 3dmark2001 SE score which is down nearly 2000pts on the THG score - i should surely at least be matching it.

I've even installed powerstrip as an alternative to the included gainward overclocking software and i get artefacts at the 450MHz/900MHz that THG said this card should be able to handle.

can anyone give me any advice on improving the performance to what the card really ought to be doing? I have a funny feeling that the mobo is a bit shagged, even tho its supposed to support 8x AGP.

My system is as follows:

Aopen AK77-8XN (KT400)
1024MB generic DDR333 RAM(Overclocked slightly)
Athlon XP2800+ Barton (Overclocked to XP3000+ - stable at 38degrees C)
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  1. Are you running AA or Ansio enabled?

    Radeon 9500 (hardmodded to PRO, o/c to 322/322)
    AMD AthlonXP 2400+ (o/c to 2600+ with 143 fsb)
    3dMark03: 4055
  2. No - if i was i'd be more than happy with the scores/frame rates i was getting.

    One more thing - i'm using the DX8.1 and driver version 44.03 - just as in the THG tests.

    The last time i ran 3dmark i got a pitiful 8564pts which is way short of the 11506 that THG got (
  3. Definitely should be getting a higher 3dMark2001SE score that that with that rig.

    I dunno what to tell you. You're getting a massive performance decrease from something... are you sure your FSB didn't take the OC you gave it and maybe rebooted with a very low clockspeed?

    Do you have the newest BIOS and chipset drivers installed?

    Radeon 9500 (hardmodded to PRO, o/c to 322/322)
    AMD AthlonXP 2400+ (o/c to 2600+ with 143 fsb)
    3dMark03: 4055
  4. I'll give it a try and we'll see what happens...I'm running latest mobo bios and i think the latest drivers too..but i'll check that. Also i'm going to give DX9.0 a go and the latest FX drivers.

    if ur interested this should be the link to a comparison between my benchmark and another similar one on futuremarks website.
  5. Heya,
    You should try the 52.16WHQL's from Nvidia's website....they're fast drivers. Also, you might want to disable vertical sync and see if that helps. Do you have everything set to best image quality? turn your performance slider to the middle(performance) and your mipmap detail level to "blend". Also...overclock it till it bleeds out of it's ass.

    <b>I help because you suck</b>
  6. Cheers guys, i just got 11150 out of it - without any fiddling. I'll try some faster drivers and overclock to the 450/900 that this card should be able to easily handle.

    I installed the latest mobo drivers - must have had some old ones in there.
  7. i have a fx card too now fx5200 i will try to run 3dmark like you and see what i get il be back soon.
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