Hi ive upgraded my acer aspire 5630 from windows vista to a fresh copy of windows 7... but all the drivers (webcam spesificly) have gon but i got them all off the internet now i need the webcam drivers i found some on some websit which said 'acer aspire webcam drivers for windows 7' when i installed them imidiately there was a problem... they wernt in english... but i tried to install them anyway and it refused to install them because -i think- it said that my operating system was all wrong and there only for windows vista
im now getting violent ive serched the logitec website and the acer website but.. nothing
pls help
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  1. Hi Adam,

    Go to the Acer Support website, enter your model number, and download the webcam driver for Vista 32-bit. Right-click on the .exe, select Properties, and switch to the Compatibility tab. Select Vista (whichever SP you have) from the dropdown, and click OK. Then install the driver.


    Windows Outreach Team
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