Upgradable Laptop?

I am in the market for a sub $700 laptop that I could then upgrade with a better Hard Drive, more ram, maybe even a new CPU. I also would like better than intergrated GPU, not uber high-end, just enough for me to game meduim settings on the laptops screen. Any recomendations?
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  1. Hello yojo98;

    That covers just about every standard notebook out there.
    What GPU do you figure you need?
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    Basically all laptops allow you to upgrade the hard drive and RAM.

    Upgrading the CPU can be hit or miss because in many models the CPU is soldered into the motherboard.

    Only certain expensive gaming laptops ($1,500+) may give you the option to upgrade the discrete graphics card.
  3. I was looking for a gpu that could play games on it screen at low-ish medium setting at smooth enough fps.
    Are their any laptops you guys know are good for upgrading the cpu?
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