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I am replacing my hard drive on my laptop and have a Win7 Home Premium CDRom. It is a full version... I want to install Win7 on the new hard drive once I place it in my puter. My guess here, and I would like to hear from an expert, is that I will put the install disk in the tray then turn on the puter. The disk should boot up and allow me to do a clean install should it not? Once installed I have a Sata/IDE to USB adapter that I will hook up to my old drive and copy the files on it to the new drive. Is this possible? Thanks to all in advance for your feedback.
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  1. You will likely have to enter the BIOS at POST to set your first boot device to the CDD in order to boot to Windows setup. After installation and visiting windows update, and installing an anti-virus (free include: MS-Security Essentials or AVGfree, or another of your choice, and maybe a software firewall program, free include: PC Tools or Commodo (or another of your choice), you'll be ready to transfer your files from the external HDD.
  2. In addition to the good advise from treefrog07, if your laptop is still working with the old drive, I suggest you transfer your documents and settings over to usb or dvd using the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard. That will save you having any permission problems later.
    To use the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard on your current OS:
    Browse to the DVD drive on your computer and click migsetup.exe in the Support\Migwiz directory.
  3. Thank you...I was hoping that since the puter wouldn't see a boot sector on the hard drive it would automatically go to the CD. I'll check my boot sequence. Thanks again...
  4. I have 3 requests:

    1) Please call it a computer.
    2) I'd like to hear how it went for you, so post your results if you get some time.
    3) What are the specs of the laptop and what OS is currently on it? I'm only curious.

    Good luck.
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