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i am starting to play around with different settings with my pc and overclocking and such, i am wondering which would fare better in games and benchmarks, the onboard savage 8 2d/3d graphics, or my gforce2mx 400 64mb agp card, the savage uses 32mb of my system ram which is pc2700 ddr. my system specs are as follows: athlon XP1600+ overclocked to 1900+ ddr settings are bumped as well, was 2.5 cas now is 2.0 it is micron 256 ddr, msi KM2M motherboard with via KM266 chipset, 30 gig maxtor hdd 5400 rpm, crystal 4 channel sound card, powermax 300w power supply, sony 24X cd burner, d-link nic, zoltrix tv max capture card. which graphics solution would fare better in my case? savage or gforce, does the ddr ram make the savage a better choice versus the gforce ram? thanks for any input.

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  1. The MX 400 will be a better choice in anything, plain and simple. That's a no contest.

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  2. No! Nvidia cheat!!! The drivers will over heat your monitor!

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  3. I dont know... I dont like sis, well maybe their motherboard chipset is okay... but I'd get a Ti200 if I can find them, only cost slightly more than a mx400 and 10 times better too, it supports pixel/vertex shader (mx400 doesnt) and I cant get more than 1200 out of the mx400 in 3dmark2001SE. You could get like 4 times the score out of a ti200... Avoid onboard, My first computer came with onboard video and I hated it.
  4. well i was asking about these because i already have these and no funds to buy a new card yet, but i have been experimenting and the onboard shows very poor results in benchmarking, but the gforce isnt that much better, now as far as real world usage, i play warbirds 3d, star trek command, amd combat flight simulator3, the first 2 actually played better with the onboard(go figure)no momentary frame freezes like the geforce had. i have not tried ms combat flight sim3 yet, this leads me to beleive there is more to this graphics thing than mere benchmarks. why is this? does it depend on the game? how its written, etc...?

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  5. ANY AGP card will be better than the onboard video. S3 video was so bad the company went out of business. VIA bought what was left to use that technology in their chipsets. That should tell you something about VIA, nobody else would touch that junk.

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