Bigger cpu in older HP laptop?

Refurbing my HP dv6835nr laptop( 4+/- years old). Just wondering if its possible to upgrade the CPU while I have it open. Currently its a Duo Core 1.83. What about a quad? Or just a stronger Duo? Is it worth it?

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  1. Laptops are not designed to be upgradeable. I highly doubt you will have any options with an HP Laptop.
  2. Well thats not cool. Be nice to give her a bump in power.
  3. You may be able to do it, just make sure the new CPU is the same socket and similar TDP. I have upgraded CPUs in Acers, Dells, and HP laptops. But it may be a pain in the @ss, I had to take apart the whole laptop.
  4. Be sure that your BIOS level will support the new CPU. As asnorton44 said, make sure that the MB & heat sink will dissipate the heat generated by the new CPU. All-in-all, not a cost-effective upgrade.
  5. Yea, the heat thing could be an issue. Dont need to add extra heat to a four year old laptop.

    Taking it apart isnt a problem, but heat is.
  6. What CPU do you have? Is it the Core Duo T2400 or L2500?
  7. T5550
  8. Oh okay, you already have a Core 2 Duo. Nothing worthwhile to upgrade to.
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