Pretty big problem here...prett weird.

I noticed my hard drive was full, but i didnt have that much installed. I look around my hard drive and notice my settings and documents folder is about 5 GB in size...!!
I keep going and see that my Internet History folder is about 4 GB in size. I go and delete the internet had stored the history of about 3 weeks. I go back to the folder...still 4 GB.
I enable the viewing of hidden files and system files...its still empty.
I right click -> properties, and it says that there are 18 files and some folders in there...but i cant see anything.

Here is a screen shot:

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  1. Okay... there was some discussion about this in the thread "Stupid Files"

    Windows stashes files and folders for offline use or just to help web pages load faster.

    Go to ~...Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files and then on your address bar type in this after it "\Content.IE5" so that it reads:

    ~...Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

    once there you should find these hidden folders...the way I found them was through the file tree in my anti-virus program...they weren't shown in the windows file tree at all.

  2. There is also a similiar thing going on in the History folder...try this

    ~...Local Settings\History\History.IE5

    check out the screenshots here
    <A HREF="" target="_new">Link

  3. Err...ok and?

    The two of you talk about the Temporary internet files folder...which is about 45MB in size for me.

    If you look at my screenshot, it is the History folder which im talking about.
  4. Did you try: in internet explorer go to tools-> Internet Options. Then click on delete files and clear history.

    You can also reduce the number of days that the history will contain and the maximum amount of space that the temporary internet files take on your HD.

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  5. Of course i tried that.

    But think... the history folder stores only the website Adresses, u go to. Usually its about 5 MB when I clean it after about 2 or 3 weeks.

    This is 4 GIGABYTE.
  6. I noticed, and it was said above, that the content.ie5 folders that get stored around your drive can get massive. I found them by looking at the most fragmented files on my HD with diskeeper.

    I'm not sure how or when you should delete those folders, but since they're always in a temp folder I just delete them or parts of them. I got rid of 600MB yesterday. For some reason it stored a movie in my temporary internet files that I had deleted a month ago. No clue how things end up in these folders.

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  7. Another thing that I've had happen, since your problem is obviously larger than 600MB is the System Restore taking up too much space. If you aren't having any problems, delete all your restore points. I forget where they are exactly, but if you find them you could check to see how much space they're taking.

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  8. Well yeah, but i also said that this is not the IE5 Temporary Internet Files folder...

    This is the History folder. The History folder does not story any movies or files from the web. The History folder only stores all the names of the web site you have been to, and should normally be extremely small in size. Thats why, this folder becoming 4GB is impossible.
  9. Just to let everyone know, if you go to the tools menu in an explorer window, and select folder options and view, there is one thing you have to uncheck to get the folders to show up in the explorer window. Uncheck this box:

    <font color=red>Hide Protected Operating System Files</font color=red>

    By unchecking that option it shows every folder in windows. I did it and the folders were accessible.

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  10. What about doing a search for History and make sure all the History gets deleted from each folder. And make sure the show hidden files is check in the options.

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  11. Sorry if you misunderstood me...Like I mentioned above, the same thing happens in the history folder as in the temporary Internet files folder.

    On my machine I have selected to "show hidden folders" and unchecked "Hide Protected Operating System Files". This should, but does not reveal everything going on in Windows however.

    Look at this first screenshot of the history folder contents shown me by Windows, and the "Properties" dialogue for that folder.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Link01</A>

    The "Properties" tells me there are 4 files and 2 folders...but the window doesn't show that, it only shows a file called "today", which when opened shows a folder called My computer which contains the two screenshots I've prepared for this post...that's it. (I'm posting this with a different computer.)

    Now look at the next screenshot of the file trees of Windows and PC-cillin.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Link02</A>

    Aha! PC-cillin has found these mysterious folders...and now that we know the names of them we can get Windows to show them to us by typing in their names in the address bar...once there you can delete to your heart's your own risk of course. I would also add that the norton AV on my other machine with WinME will also show these types of "secret" folders.

    I hope I've made myself clear this time..he he..

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