Motherboard driver help

I do not have proper driver for windows 7 on this motherboard.

I have some problem I have encounter are any connected mass storage device stalk the boot up time and unable to use virtual drive to read disc image. Also I am using wireless module 802.11g, and it is no longer use as an access point (transmitter).

I have this website link, but I haven't try it.

Does anyone with same motherboard as me has this problem?
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  1. Before you visit latestdriversupdate - go here. Try the vista drivers, just confirm which version you are using - x86 or x64, before you install them.
  2. Does windows 7 driver from other newer motherboard with same north and south bridge work?

    I have already have tried vista version, and it does not work properly as it say on my topic.
  3. It may, but try contacting Asrock (here) and ask them if they have Win7 drivers for your board. If they do not, then you could try drivers for other boards.
  4. Do anyone have universal driver for any old motherboard which encounters these following problem:

    any connected mass storage device do stalks boot time

    unable to use virtual drive since installing the SCII driver related unsuccessful
  5. pochama,

    Prior to migrating to Windows 7 did you run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor?
    To determine if your current computer configuration will be compatible with Windows 7 please go to the following link:

    Another resource to verify compatibility is available at the Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility Center located at the following link: and can be used for both hardware and software concerns.

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  6. Windows 7 upgrade advisor have not out list these problem, but after you upgrade it, you will be noticed about these problem.

    The wireless module comes with the asrock motherboard.

    Nothing can be helped.

    I trying to get that specific controller driver installed properly within the asrock motherboard which controls the hard drive and also uses virtual drives.

    So far, every hardware works apart from wireless module, ability to use virtual drive, and boot time stalking external mass storage devices.
  7. "Also I am using wireless module 802.11g"
    What is the make and model of this component? I was able to find Win7x86 and Win7x64 drivers for my D-Link USB 802.11g by reading this site - many 802.11g links use ralink drivers.
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