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I want to buy acer 5755 with either GT540 or GT630 graphic card.
is this right that GT630 and GT540 have exactly same hardware? someone told me in fact they both have same hardware and the difference is only in their driver, if we install GT630 driver for that, it will become GT630 and if we install 540 then you will have GT540, is it true? I'm not sure about this and couldn't find answer anywhere.
and my second question is: I know 630 is considered a little better than 540 but in games performance it seems 540 gets a little better grades and has higher results, am I right?
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  1. There are two versions of the 630m. This should tell you all about it.
  2. Think there was a news about this in one of the tom's post. It said something as u have heard.
  3. so it's right!
    you didn't answer my second question, could you let me know your idea about that please?
    I think in games the difference between 630 and 540 shouldn't be more than a little but if I should choose one of 630 or 540 drivers to be installed, which choice is better?
    Thanks a lot
  4. 630 or 540 driver to installed? nvidia dont release separate driver for each and every product. For group of cards they release the same driver. The driver during installation recognizes the product and load the driver. If 630 gives better performance then 540 buy it. In case of bios u can do that if the know that the r the same type.
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