ATI 3.8 drivers will not install

Yet another ATI graphics card and yet another driver installation problem. I just cannot get the drivers for this card to install at all in Windows XP.

I just got a Gigabyte ATI Radeon 9800 Pro and downloaded the Catalyst 3.8 drivers off ATI's website today. I made sure to use the Driver Cleaner 2 utility that everyone suggests to get rid of any nVidia and ATI garbage before installing. So I run ATI's driver program and everything looks like it goes fine. I restart the computer and when Windows XP starts up, it tells me that the ATI Control Panel cannot start because there are no ATI drivers installed or they are not working properly. I restart again and get the same message.

So I try uninstalling everything, redownloading the full driver package off ATI's website and installing again. Same thing happens, driver is not installed.

I try going with the "Found new hardware wizard" and point to the directory that the ATI install program unzipped the files to. It finds the driver but then gives me a Code 10, "driver not functioning properly".

So great that didn't work either, I try it all again, downloading off ATI's website and uninstalling all the crap with Driver Cleaner2 for the 3rd time and reinstalling again, same thing happens.

This is very frustrating, paying $300 for a video card and the damn drivers won't even install. The card is completely useless right now. Any help on this matter would be appreciated, thank you.
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  1. dont use drive cleaner... I just download & execute... never used any such program under XP & havent had any install problems (yet, touch wood...)

    Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat...
  2. Then use 3.7 instead
  3. Ive seen this issue before, but with a flashed R9700pro.

    If you install from scratch the drivers dont take and the install fails.

    But if you install an old version then install the new ones ontop it works fine.

    <b>I am not a AMD fanboy.
    I am not a Via fanboy.
    I am not a ATI fanboy.
    I AM a performance fanboy.
    And a low price fanboy. :smile:
    Mr no integrity coward.</b>
  4. I tried just installing originally without using Driver Cleaner, and it didn't work so that's why I resorted to trying to use it.

    The 3.4 drivers come on my disc with the card and they install somewhat okay. In Device Manager the Radeon 9800 Pro is listed under "Unknown Devices" and there is no "Display adapter" selection in Device Manager at all.

    But even installing those drivers from the disc, if I try to update them to 3.8, it doesn't take either. Sometimes it even makes things worse and it stops recognizing the card altogether, or it will recognize the secondary and not primary display device.
  5. First Stop restarting your computer just because it gives you a control panel warning, why didn't you uninstall the control panel? You don't have to but YOU should.

    In you first instance, click on the OK button AFTER you get the Contol panel message (you've just stripped your control panel of it's base) you need to move on and ADD what it's missing, keep going it works every time (I've done this 4 times today, one time with CORRUPT leaked drivers , believe me I KNOW!). Then you simply run the ATI unified driver install, and follow the directions. Restart ONLY when prompted. And even then try saying on, pausing for 15 seconds and then restarting yourself.

    Second issue, DO NOT EVER go through the 'found new hardware wizard'to upgrade drivers. That's a MESS!

    Follow the readme instructions and it works.

    Follow the directions at Rage 3D to <A HREF="" target="_new">Foolproof Uninstall/Install method</A>.

    However with all things FoolProof, they may simply be underestimating the fools out there.

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