ATI Retail ATI 9800 Pro = US$315 out the door

This applies to the people who don't want to wait for Best Buys rebate. I don't want to do to never receiving rebate checks or waits in excess of 4 - 6 months.

We all know that Bestbuy has the Built by ATI 9800 Pro 128mb on sale for 349.99 w/ 50 rebate. Now the majority of major retailers will price match with an add'l 10% (Circuit City) for example. So the 9800 Pro will come out to 314.99 before tax.

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  1. Captain Obvious says if you have the money thats obvious bang for your buck!

    <b><font color=red>Captain Obvious To The Rescue!!!</font color=red></b>
  2. lol...

    I had to do it
  3. Actual difference, using my 8.5% tax rate, since you have to pay tax on the total price for…

    Beast Buy will be
    350 + 29.75 = 379.75 - 50 = 329.75.
    While at Circuit Shitty
    314.99 + 26.77 = 341.76

    A not so obvious difference 12.01, a 5% tax rate would give a 13.24 difference. A tax rate of approximately 42.86% would make them a even deal at $450.

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  4. dude, circut city, will give 110% of the price difference, thats what hes talkin about.

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  5. Oops. If that’s what he’s talking about, then the difference in price is 5 bucks as 110% of 50 is that. Then the title should read
    "ATI Retail ATI 9800 Pro = US$345 out the door"

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