Install issues with ATI 9200SE

Okay, i purchased a ATI 9200SE 8X AGP card last night and when home to install it. I have to say, ATI has the worst drivers ever, i spent 3 hours trying to get the drivers to install with no luck. I don't want to vent I just want some suggestions from those who are successful with the ATI card.
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  1. ATI 9200SE...
    return it for a 9100 or "Real" 9200..
    never get SE version of the Radeon unless you are really poor
  2. what card did you have in bfore the 9200?
  3. Oh wow, that's like 1/2 the card of the 3 year old Radeon 8500.

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  4. ATI Drivers or User Error?

    I haven't had any problem with Genuine ATI driver installation yet.

    Sounds like user error.


    Uninstall user, and reinstall new user. Reformat him if necessary.

    After all that then look at <A HREF="" target="_new">THIS thread</A>.

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  5. built a sys of Win ME (yeah, I know... it all I had readily to-hand for the peops I built it for) 1.6duron, Biostar NF2-400 & 64mb 9200se... installed mobo AGP drivers, then installed latest drivers off ATI website then Dx9b in that order... went just fine 1st time...

    Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat...
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