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Back in July, 2010 we bought a Toshiba NB255 netbook. It replace a 250 my wife had bought previously but sold to friend in Africa. I wasn't too wild about going back 25 years in technological time but she like the size. Well, guess what. She thinks it's too slow for realistic internet use (surprise, surprise). It's slower than my old Gateway MX-7120 laptop with only 768MB RAM.
So, what would be a decent, none fondleslab POS replacement? She thinks the Tos is okay for writing but I find it to be only slightly better than a GRID 1. And fondleslabs running on glorified telephone switching software to be worse.

Thank you.
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    Hello kep55;

    I'm thinking you could get by with one of the AMD Fusion E450 APUs.
    It's about midway between the 'Netbook and mainstream Notebook in terms of performance.

    Did you have a budget in mind?

    HP dm1 11" sub-notebook $350 $375 with E-450 upgrade
    AMD E-450 1.65Ghz Fusion APU, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD, 11.6" 1366x768 LCD w/ Radeon HD 6250M graphics
    3.5 pounds and 0.8" thick.
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