How do I scan from cannon printee to email It used to work on vista can't make it work on windows 7. tried reloding software no help. It seems thi computor cant find the printer in scanning mode all other printing functions work through computor, help Larry
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    Due to Windows 7 not having an email client you will need to attach the document manually. Vista had Windows Mail which is what the Canon scanner used.
  2. jonmor does windows live mail help that feature?
  3. The only way I can see is, use Attach Email in MP Navigator which will scan the document and open the folder so you know where it is.
    It puts E-mial scans into the MP Navigator folder in a subdirectory Mail_12012 or whatever number it generates.
    In Live Mail choose attach photo, it will open Pictures folder on your pc and you select the scanned image from there.
    I know this is a bit long winded, but it's quite easy to do, I'm just giving full details so Larry can send his scanned images.
    "does windows live mail help that feature?"
    I guess the answer to your question is no, not really.
    If you are using a pc based e-mail client like Incredimail, that's what I have, you can still use the email button which will open your e-mail program . No doubt others will do the same.
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